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Inventories & Sitting Tennants

From: Jennifer J
Date: 22 Sep 2002
Time: 08:30:42
Remote Name:


Have just read article on Inventories. As per my previous emails, I have inherited a property with sitting tennants. There is no written tenancy agreement, and as a new landlord I feel I should probably have an inventory taken? Wether I remain a landlord is unsure at the moment, but whilst I am, I feel I need to do everything legal and above board, if only to protect myself! I am a little reluctant to reveal the extent of my ignorance to the tennants, which is why I have been worried about the idea of visiting the property and conducting some sort of inspection and checklist. But reading your article, am I to understand that I cannot do that anyway, as I am not qualified? If this is the case, how do I go about organising an inventory?

Also, I have no idea whether a deposit was paid when the tenants first moved in(unlikely I feel, knowing some of the history) and whether in certain circumstances anything would be refundable.Presmumably this would be payable only if they had evidence that one was paid.

If (referring to my earlier email of today) I do manage to re-house the tenants, presumably I can claim nothing for damage etc as I have no original inventory to compare it to...if I were to have one done now, and then found damage when rehousing, I guess that would be different?

Am I also right in thinking that, if I rehouse the tenants, they are under obligation to re decorate as the property was when they moved in? Since this is so long ago, I wonder if theywould even remember! The property is painted in rather horrendous colours at the moment, but perhaps for the sake of goodwill etc, since we would renovate anyway, it would be best left alone.

Also, fences - I understand that as landlord I am not responsible for the fencing?I'm confused, because I am sure I read somewhere that fences did not come under landlord responsibilities,yet an email from another landlord mentioned that he repaired a fence.. The fencing around my propery It is in pretty poor shape; it has even been shored upwith bits of corrogated iron and even a door! I suspect that the door comes from the house, but have not pursued the matteras yet. If it does, what should I do? Tell them they have to replace the door(regardless of whether we are re- housing them or not)? And if I am not responsible for maintaining the fencing, should I insist that they do? Also, in the driveway they have an old car bonnet resting against the neighboring house wall. Its very unsightly to say the least! Can I do anything about it, or would it be best to ignore it for the moment?

Sorry to overload you with questions, but I know so little that it is very worrying!

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