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landlord liable for violent tenants?

From: paul
Date: 28 Nov 2002
Time: 12:21:41
Remote Name:


We live next door to the tenant from hell who plays speed garage music from 12 midnight to 6 am and as I have had little sleep for three months now, have had to have days off work as I am too tired to do anything. I am also trying to study for a degree but find it impossible to keep up with the work as I have no peace during the day either. This tenant has forced his way into my home and attempted to assault me. (police crime no held and he was given a warning). He then went on to the neighbours the other side of him a week later and seriously assaulted him with five other people in front of his wife and children when they begged him to turn his music down after three days of non stop music.

I should add they do not have a domestic stereo, but decks and a club PA in the (terraced) house.

The landlord refuses to do anything. They only served notice to quit at the end of the tenancy, which is in january.

The police are trying to gain a conviction for the serious assault but basically four days later he is still in the house and threatening to kill the neighbours occationally, as the mood takes him. As there were over thirty of his very large drunk drugged up friends next door to me on sunday, I don't think this is a totally idle threat....We have been told by the police that we do not have any right to even defend ourselves should it happen again!

The landlord did not have any sort of peaceful habitation clause. They have no legal insurance and no agent. They did not obtain a reference for this tenant either.

Does the landlord have a liability to us for the lost work, noise, threats, abuse, damage to our properties,(they have smashed windows and doors) waste of my course fees, loss of subsiquent earnings as I will not graduate this year.

Could we consider the landlord negligent in failing to get a reference and inaction in refusing to evict them through the courts. They also have been offered supporting documents by both the police and the environmental health officers, and the landlord refused to accept the documents, stating they did not know of, or ackowledge any problems at the propery.

I should add this is happening in a semi rural peaceful small town in an area of very expensive houses, not as you may imagine in the middle of london.

I am seeking proper advice later this week but would like some opinions here, because both me my wife and our neighbours are reaching the point of insanity.

There is worse, but for legal reasons more details,names times dates etc ommited.

Thank you.

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