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Security Deposits

what are my rights please

From: John Flynn
Date: 15 Oct 2003
Time: 20:47:25
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I bought a property from my son and his partner. we agreed that they would continue to live in it until the renovation of their new property was complete. they would pay me a nominal monthy rent of 50. they would be responsible for the upkeep and all utilities. we have now had a family feud. I have asked them to leave, which they refuse to do. they have also stopped paying the rent. I owed them some money from the sale of the property and withheld 2000 of it as a security/damage deposit. as the situation is very tens. they are now arguing that i have 2000 in rent upfront. any advise welcome. thankyou.

From: Mark Bonner
Date: 09 Sep 2003
Time: 11:06:05
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No you don't but check the contract you have with them it might be a stipulation and you may need to get this changed - lots of tenants prefer the agent to hold the deposit though so watch out.