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Court Order - Do i need one?

T1: K.S.Sandhu
Date: 13 Apr 2003
Time: 14:00:09
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I need advice over the situation I am facing.

I am a landlord who has tenants in the house but are leaving on the 26th April 03, however they have told me that someone at Derby House, Homeless department, have advised my tenants not to leave my property and to get me to get a court order to have them taken out my house. The reason being they (Homeless Department) cannot find a suitable house for my tenants to move to.

I don't see why i should be taking my tennants to court, spending money i have not got, to have them thrown out when the Housing Department are not compitant to find a suitable house.

The contract between me and my tenants will terminate on the 26th April 03 I have also given my tenants 2 months notice, and they are happy to leave, however the advice the Telford Council have given them is to stay put in my house and don't leave until the courts force them out.

I cannot afford to keep the house for more than what is required, and for the council to advise my tenants to stay put and stay in my house until I kick them out is unbelievable.

I need advice upon whether my tenants have any right to stay in my hous.

I cannot emphasise enough that I am desperate for advice on this matter and need it soon.


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