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Re: Eviction

T1: adam church
Date: 23 Apr 2003
Time: 08:52:54
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Hi Bob,

Don't bother going to the police. They will not let you in as your tenants appear to have rights to live at the property if they are sined to an assured shorthold agreement!!! Take the Section 21 to the property yourself with a witness. Post the notice through the letterbox and ask your witness to sign a statement saying you have done so. Also before you post it through the door a good idea is to ask a local resident to also witness the posting and to sign to say you have done so (don't forget to take their details down!) This is a perfect method for serving your documents and can be relied upon when going to court - which it sounds like you may have to do with these tenants.

Be sure your tenancy agreement is correct and there are no disputes that could get in the way.

Good Luck

Adam Church (property manager) adam@josephalexander.co.uk

Last changed: April 23, 2003