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Evicting relatives

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Date: 28 Apr 2003
Time: 22:27:35
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Hi, I have a problem with my brother's girlfriend. Basically I find it difficult to live with her as there are always having loud arguments between either herself and my brother or myself and my brother (largely about her). These arguments are about paying bills, household chores, etc., etc. They live together in my house and pay rent (at a reduced rate) but I never asked them to sign an agreement with it being my brother. But as I have always lived in a quiet household and require it to be so I feel that I cannot continue living with them. They have lived with me for about 6 months. I have tried to ask him to find other accomodation but did so privately so to avoid public confrontation and he assured me the problems would be resolved. But they haven't. And now I have asked for them to move out with both of them present he refuses. I'd like to know if I can evict them after 2 months and what notices I require as a live in landlord. I'm sorry if this sounds awful but it's just taking over my homelife to a point where I can't relax there.

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