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Re: The right choice

From: adam church
Date: 23 Apr 2003
Time: 09:10:16
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Hi Johnny

Provided your tenancy agreement meets letting legislation you need to serve a standard possession order with a money claim to the small claims court. It may take a little while but you must draw up a schedule of your costs and include lost rent plus interest for the time following the expiry of your notice to the time that possession is given. If the judge awards you possession and full rent compensation this is worked out on the day of the hearing and awarded for the period up to and including the date the possession order is enforced.

Be sure to take your report to the hearing and keep an eye on the property once the tenant has been served with the first legal docs. Tenants often leave quickly when faced with court procedings. This might mean that you lose money but you get possession back.

Do you have a guarantor for the tenant??

Good Luck

adam church (property manager) adam@josephalexander.co.uk

Last changed: April 23, 2003