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I need urgent help.

From: Louise 30 april 2003
Date: 30 Apr 2003
Time: 14:33:38
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I had two elderly tennants in a flat, unfortunately one of the couple died a few years ago, his wife suffers from autzeimers. As she is ill she needs care. That would be fine apart from her nightmare children have moved in. We can not evict her on the grounds she is been living there for more then fifty years. However she has spendt the last year in a home, and the children clame to be living there under the ground they are looking after their mother. We can not prove she no longer lives there, and are stuck with them vandlising property, verbal abuse and generally being threatning. I have spoken to every solicitor under the sun, they have all said the same, unless the council can prove she is un-fit and belong in home we can not get them out. As you can imagine we went to the council about six monts ago they said as long as she's looked after thats fine. When she was there she spent most of the time on her own, or being looked after by her 17 year old grandson. How can i get proof of their nuisance, and get the council to get off their arses and see that she is in a home somewhere and they are a problem to my family and others? please help

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