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Are you qualified to be a landlord?
We have now formulated a test that we believe will prove to us that any landlord taking and passing the test has sufficient knowledge for us to be able to send details of potential tenants to.  This test covers the basics in letting out a property and with this knowledge we feel confident that our landlords will do their utmost to assure that their property is both safe and up to a comfortable habitable standard.
Why The Test ?
We are now expanding at a rapid rate and we have landlords from all over the world registering their details with us.  To this point, we are also starting to attract more and more tenants to the site.  We have a duty of care to these tenants, as we do to our landlords and we need to ensure that we are not sending tenants to landlords who are completely ignorant of health and safety issues.  We will put on our site for tenants about the exam our landlords take in order to satisfy us that they have sufficient knowledge and should therefore be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for them.
Can The Tenants Check Up ?
Absolutely, in fact we will ask tenants to feel free to contact us to check up on whether the landlord has passed the test or it is a copy of a certificate that we have not issued etc.
Why Should I Take The Test?
The test will be advertised on our tenants site, therefore going some way to giving them peace of mind that they are renting from a landlord who knows what they are doing.  The tenants will undoubtedly pass the word about this test to their friends and colleagues and we envisage having many more tenants registering with us.  Therefore, we can assist you more by sending you details of tenants looking to rent once you have satisfied us that you have sufficient knowledge of the rental market.
How Much ?
Unfortunately we do have to charge a little for this service as it is going to take up a lot of time.  Our charge is �15.00.  This is a one off charge and is not refundable upon failure, though I hasten to add you will not be charged for retaking the test.
What Do I Want With A Certificate?
The certificate is aimed at showing that you have passed a test showing us that you have sufficient knowledge to rent property to the public.  We believe that by displaying this certificate to the tenants who visit your property, you are going to stand a better chance of them renting your property as you will be providing them with evidence that you know what you are doing and hence they will have more faith in you than they will a landlord who does not have the certificate.
Is The Certificate Recognised By Any Professional Body?
Not yet, but we are working on it.  It is our intention to go to various governmental agencies and show them what we are doing in the battle to rid the market place from rogue landlords.  Although the test is not recognised as yet. it is primarily to satisfy us and the tenants that we have seeking accommodation that you know what you are doing.
When Will I Get The Certificate ?
Upon taking the exam online, we will receive the results from the internet.  You must then send payment in cheque form, made out to Bonner Search Ltd to 1 Shaa Road, London W3 7LN.  Once we have received the cheque and it has cleared through our bank account we will mark your exam and let you know of the results.  Upon passing, you will receive a professional certificate in the post from us.  Online payment will soon be viable as we are currently checking out the pro's and cons, though many of you have stated that you do not feel comfortable about giving credit card details over the phone  - understandably.


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