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Welcome to our Landlords Test, please fill out the answers in the space provided and press the submit form and send your payment to us for �15.00 (made out to Bonner Search Ltd) to 1 Shaa Road, London W3 7LN.  Please note that we will mark your test upon receiving payment and it having cleared.  All the answers are available on our web site, so just read and digest and you should be fine. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES IS FINAL.  GOOD LUCK!

Your Registration Code:

1.What is the full title given to the gas safety regulations:

2. How often do you have to have a gas report done on your property?

3. To what professional body must the engineer belong to before he can carry out a safety check on your gas appliances?

4. When must you provide the tenant with a copy of the gas safety report?

5. How long must you keep a copy of the gas safety report on file for?

6.  Your upholstered furniture is exempt from The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 if it was manufactured before which year?

7. Name two types of furniture that must conform to the Regulations.

8. What is the penalty for non conformance to this regulation?

9. The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 not only apply to humans, but to whom else?

10. How often should you have your electrics checked?

11. What is the maximum fine for being found to have faulty electrics?

12. If your property is subject to a mortgage, do you have to inform the mortgage company that you are letting out the property?

13. Can a tenant insure your contents at their expense?

14. When renting out a property to a private tenant, i.e. not a company, we recommend that you request three references, name 1 reference that should be obtained prior to the tenant being allowed to rent your property?

15.  When you apply for references and receive replies, are you allowed to divulge any information to a third party?

16. What is the minimum amount of notice that you can give to a tenant to leave your property, contract allowing?

17. Under The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, which Section deals with landlords repairing obligations?

18. Name two repairing categories that you are responsible for.

19. What is Section 47 of The Housing Act 1987 ?

20. It is best to hold a deposit that the tenant has paid to you as what?

21. Who should prepare and check an inventory on a property?

22. If you are a landlord abroad, you need to apply to the Inland Revenue for which form?

23. Does a tenant have to allow you access to your property?  Yes or No?

24. If a tenant does not leave at the end of their term, can you change the locks? Yes or No ?

25. How long do you have to wait before you can take action to recover possession of your property in the event that the tenant has failed to make a rental payment?


26. In the event that you require your property back in your possession, how long does the tenant have the right under The Housing Act of 1988 to stay in possession for?


27. Stamp Duty is payable if your annual rental income exceeds how much?

28. For a tenancy to be An Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the rent must not exceed how much per annum for a private let?

Please note that all questions must be answered and that failure to do so will result in automatic failure.  All the answers are available on our web site.



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