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This is our new web site that has been created thanks to a huge amount of input from the 1000's of landlords who have registered with us. Our aim is to provide you with advice and a service that far outstretches the usual letting agents and provides you with a huge amount of free information. If you have anything that you want on this web site please let us know by e-mail and we will try our level best to accommodate your idea.

We are here to help guide you through the lettings process and are always on hand for assistance. However, please note that we do not charge for the help we will give you and as we have so many landlords it can take up to 24 hours to get back to you.

We have now incorporated many documents that are necessary for letting your property into this web site to give you instant access. We have an annual fee of just £20.00 and you can use the documents as many times as you like. These include documents such as inventories, agreements, notices, references etc.
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After searching we have found a specialist company that will help you out.
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We have located a great insurance company that deals with landlord matters efficiently and quickly.
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We have been in agencies throughout London and we know what goes on. This article will tell you what goes on and why. Plus we will soon have an agency section that will list agencies that have promised to look after you for very reasonable rates.
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- Property Tax Secrets
- Property Developer Secrets
- Landlord's Guide To Letting Property.

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For just £20.00 per annum you can have access to a wide range of documents that we believe you need. These include:

Tenancy Agreements:
Assured Shorthold
Non Assured Shorthold.
Section 21 (1) b Notice.
Section 21(4) a Notice.
Notice of Mortgage.
Section 13 (Form 4).
Tenant detail forms.
Reference letters.
Status Enquiry Form (bank ref.)
Guarantor Agreements.
Arrears letters.
Vacating the property.
Breach of contract.
Pets clause.
Break Clause.
Notes for tenants.

A tenancy agreement alone can cost more than double what we are asking.

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Forever getting bigger, this charter is now becoming recognised with tenants throughout England and Wales. Now you can download it, sign it and send it back to us. Then you will be listed on our recognised landlord's pages so that tenants can check out to see that you are signed up with us. This gives them greater comfort and will ensure that you are ahead of the competition.
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Letting a property.
Choosing an estate agent.
What is a contract.
Gas Safety.
Electrical Safety.
Furniture and Furnishings.
Liability as a landlord.
Consents that may be required.
Check list for letting your property.
Tenancy Agreements.
Recovering possession.
Section 21.
Section 47.
Section 48.
Section 11 (Repairing obligations).
Stamp Duty.

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- information that we have written for your digestion.
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If you want to join our investors club that is shortly going to get off the ground then e-mail us and we will keep you updated

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