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Letting a property:

Letting a property can seem very daunting at first and it is very easy to ignore the rules and regulations so as to make life easier for yourself.  This is a deadly trap and although you may get away with it to begin with, one day you will be caught out � especially as many tenants now have access to web sites such as ours where they can seek advice and read about the laws governing rental property.  It can go horribly wrong and cost the landlord money that he can ill afford to lose as well as potentially face imprisonment.  Therefore as a landlord it is imperative that you have access to information and help that will ensure that you abide by the rules and make money rather than lose it.

All too often we hear of cowboy landlords who have been caught out and it is hoped that by reading this booklet and implementing the various bits of information that you will remain above board and have a happy time renting your property.  We also feel that should you use an agent you will have a good understanding about what to look for in the agency to ensure that you are not getting trapped into working with a sub standard agency.  Again there are no regulations as such that prohibit anyone from running a lettings agency and the sums of money that these people handle can be rather large.

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