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The Landlord's Charter has been designed to ensure that landlords are recognised by tenants as professional and able to uphold their promises.

Tenants are able to log onto our website to check as to whether the landlord is registered with us or not. Registered Landlords Tenants will know a landlord has signed up to the charter because the landlord will be able to display our unique window sticker in the property and on their adverts. Then the tenant sees this symbol, they can check our list of registered landlords and see whether or not the landlord is still eligible to show the sign.

Should the tenant have a complaint against the landlord then they can e-mail the details to us abd we can investigate the claim. This gives the tenant a greater sense of security as well as ensuring that all our landlords continue to act in a professional manner. Should the complaint be upheld then the landlord will be deleted from our list of registered landlords and whilst they may continue to use the symbol, the tenants will notice that they are no longer registered with us and should therefore avoid using the landlord's property.

However, in order to become a registered landlord, you will need to receive our Landlord's Guide. This costs just 10.00 and can be ordered by clicking here. The fee of 10.00 is payable annually, but you only need to receive one Landlord's Guide to comply with our rules. If you click the button below "Buy Now", we will receive an email confirming that your payment has gone through, where upon we will email the guide to you with the required password. The Guide is protected and can not be copied. Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to Bonner Search Ltd for 10.00 to 1 Shaa Road, London W3 7LN - please allow one week for the cheque to clear before we will email the guide to you. If you require a paper version there will be an added charge of 3.00 to cover postage and handling


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