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The Lettings Charter For Just Do It

This Charter is designed to ensure that your landlord offers you a minimum standard of service and has more than adequate knowledge to let his property safely and efficiently. There is a complaints procedure that tenants can use if they are in anyway unhappy with the service that has been provided to them by a landlord that is part of our charter.

Every landlord who is a member of our charter is registered on our web site and can be looked up. Every tenant should check our web site to ensure that the prospective landlord has agreed to abide by the charter and therefore will treat you fairly and professionally and will ensure that the property is safe.

As a tenant, you are protected by this charter only in so much that if a complaint is upheld against the landlord then the landlord will be disqualified from the charter with immediate effect.

Any landlord that is not part of this charter should, in our opinion, be given a wide berth.

What does the landlord gain by being a member of the charter?

A landlord who is a member of this charter will be a far better prospect than a landlord who is not. Whether or not the landlord uses an agency makes little difference as many landlords manage their own property.

A landlord who is not part of this charter can not guarantee the tenant that they know enough to provide the tenants with a safe property and be obliged to act in a professional manner.

          What does the majority of the charter ensure?

The charter sets out points that should be abided by about the following areas in letting a property.


The safety regulations that are currently in force regarding gas, electricity and furniture and furnishings.

The holding of the deposit in a separate bank account and as stake holder.

The return of the deposit within a set time or else making arrangements for a mediator to negotiate the return of the deposit.

The cleanliness of the property.

Ensuring that the tenants are in no way hassled during the tenancy.

Repossessing the property in accordance with the law.

Ensuring repairs are carried out within a set period of time or that the tenants are kept informed as to the progress of the ongoing repair.

Ensuring that suitable tools are left in the property with regard to maintaining the garden.

The landlord will abide by the statutory laws and regulations that are in force at all times.

The landlord will ensure that he provides an excellent standard of service at all times.

  In conclusion therefore:

The lettings charter is designed to ensure the safety of tenants and the respect of landlords. Any landlord who takes lettings seriously should have signed up for the charter so as to show that they are responsible. If they have something to hide then they will not want to spend the small, one off sum of �10.00. There is no further charge and landlords can remain on the register for as long as they wish. It makes sense to use a registered landlord. They will have down loaded the charter, signed it and sent it back to us.



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