The Landlords Charter For Just Do It

I, _____________________________________________________, by signing this agreement, accept that I shall abide by the rules set out below in order to prove myself as a professional landlord.

The rules of the Lettings Charter are:

  1. I will ensure that the structure of the property is maintained to a good standard and that all paint work is replenished on a regular basis.
  2. I will ensure that my tenants can have the peaceful enjoyment of my property at all times and that in the event of me having to visit the property, I will give a minimum of 24 hours notice except in the case of an emergency.
  3. I will abide by all points written in the tenancy agreement.
  4. I will ensure that there is sufficient cleaning and gardening materials available that would not normally be the responsibility of the tenant.
  5. I will ensure that there are an adequate number of smoke detectors in the property and that they are located in a sensible position.
  6. I will ensure that there is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen of the property.
  7. I have read and fully understand the legal requirements regarding Gas Safety, Fire and Furnishings and Electrical safety and know that I have a legal obligation to ensure that my property is safe at all times and I will arranged for an annual report to be carried out with regard to the Landlordís Gas Safety requirements.
  8. I will ensure that I reply to any request by the tenant within forty eight hours, or that a representative of mine will do so on my behalf.
  9. I will try and repair any damage that has been caused through natural wear and tear within forty eight hours.
  10. I will hold the tenantís deposit in a fair manner that will require me to return it to the tenants within seven days of the termination of the agreement unless there is good reason to retain it for longer.
  11. I will ensure that a professional inventory is made and carried out at the start of the tenancy, by a suitably qualified person and I will accept the persons judgement as fair and final at all times.
  12. I will inform the tenant immediately of any monies I am going to retain and why and will give them the chance to respond to my deliberations.
  13. In cases where the deposit becomes disputed and such a dispute can not be rectified I agree to inform Lettings-Landlords of the dispute so that they can monitor the actions being taken and intervene where they see as appropriate.
  14. Should any dispute arise between myself and my tenants that can not be amicably resolved, I will refer the matter to lettings-Landlords and abide by their decision.
  15. I agree to the tenants complaining about myself or my property to Lettings-Landlords and furthermore will accept the decision of Lettings-Landlords to the point that I understand I can be expelled from this Charter and no longer carry the recognition of being a recognised, professional landlord
  16. I understand that this Charter can not rule over statutory law.
  17. I will at no time bring the reputation of Lettings-Landlords into disrepute.
  18. At all times, I will abide by any new regulation that may be brought into force through the normal course of the law.
  19. At all times, I will ensure that I am aware of any new regulation that may be brought into force by Lettings-Landlords through monitoring their web site and e-mails.
  20. I will display my Lettings Charter Badge in a prominent position at all times so that tenants can instantly recognise me as a professional landlord.
  21. I agree to the tenants searching Lettings-Landlords or any subsidiary web site for my credentials to ensure that I am registered as a professional landlord.

Signed this __________ day of _____________ 2004.



Address of Witness: _________________________________________________________________


Please sign and return this Charter to: Just Do It. 1 Shaa Road, London W3 7LN. Please retain a copy for your files.