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Please note that this article has been supplied to us by N.E.S.T. Makers and we accept no responsibility for the information or service received.


FREE Government Grants for Private Tenanted Properties.

People living in privately rented accommodation can be given an extra helping hand to make their homes warmer from N.E.S.T.MAKERS the Neighbourhood Energy Services Team. N.E.S.T.MAKERS have already made thousands of homes warmer, more comfortable and helped to save money on energy bills and are keen to do the same for people who rent their property. Keeping a warm and comfortable home is vitally important, particularly for children and older people, but it can be expensive.

N.E.S.T.MAKERS can arrange FREE government grants for up to 2,000 to improve the insulation or heating system in a property under the Warm Front Scheme and provide FREE energy saving and fuel advice. Improvement measures available through the scheme include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, draught proofing and even the installation of central heating.

To qualify for a grant a tenant must be in receipt of a benefit such as Income Support, Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit, Working Families Tax Credit, Disability Benefits and many more.

As a landlord who has properties rented to people some of who may be in receipt of a benefit it would be well worth giving us a call and we can check the eligibility of your tenants. If they do qualify a local neighbourhood-based adviser will carry out a survey on each property to establish what measures are required and report this back to you.

To find out more call N.E.S.T.MAKERS on      0191- 469 9777 

or e-mail rhondap@nestmakers.co.uk




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