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Newsletter No 2:

In this article:
New Newsletter
New Look Web Membership Development Sites
             SeekEstateAgent New Links        For Sale   Electrical Goods Food and Wine Investment Club Section 21
The New Newsletter:
Due to popular demand we are going to stop emailing our newsletter to our members.  Instead, we will email you a url of where our newsletter is.  This should make life a little easier for you and certainly cut down the time it takes us to send the newsletter to everyone out there!

New Look Web Site:

Naturally we are always looking to keep our web site upto date and ensure that it is plain, easy to read and gives you all the information you want quickly and effectively.  To this point the web site is under going a major change in appearance, content and quality.


Our numbers are increasing rapidly and I am pleased to say the we are approaching the 500 mark.  Thank you to everyone who has recommended this site to their friends and colleagues.

Development Sites:

We are in the fortunate position of acquiring development sites on a regular basis.  If you would like to subscribe to our development mailing list please send an email to us with your registration code and we will mail out the sites as and when they come in.  I must point out however, that should you wish to purchase any site we will expect a retaining fee of 2% of the purchase price.

Seek Estate Agent:

www.seekestateagent.co.uk is being designed to provide you with the ability to search for an estate agent in your area without having to use search engines and getting a horrendous amount of results.  We have broken the counties down into the major towns and cities and have selected 4 estate agents for you to choose from - easy to use and we want feedback on any agents you have used so that we can ensure they are providing a good service to our landlords.

New Links:

Mark Hawthorn at www.landmark-investments.com has teamed up with us.  Mark is notorious for his investment acquisitions throughout the country and you can see a selection of properties on our For Sale page.

For Sale:

This page seems to be taking a while to get going.  A great pity as it is where you can advertise your properties for free.  There is a major change to this site in that we are now saying to people who want to advertise their properties, that they must provide us with an email address that we can place next to the property so that people can contact you direct, rather than through us.

Electrical Goods:

These are coming very soon - a slight hitch with technology is preventing us from giving you the details.  The company that we have chosen are reputable and stock a wide variety of quality items on their site and you save a lot of money - upto 20% plus on some.  It will certainly be beneficial to you to use this site, and I will send a special email once the site and pages are up and running.

Food and Wine Goods:

As part of our on going service to landlords, we have teamed up with an excellent provider of goods such as wine, cheese, hampers and smoked salmon.  Great prices and certainly superior foods for the discerning pallette - well worth a visit to www.do-it.org.uk\landlordsclub.htm

Investment Club:

This is still on going and I am pleased by the response we have received from you all.  It is going to take a while to ensure that all the legalities are in place but we are underway.  We are registering people to receive a prospectus and if you would like a copy when it comes out please email us you registration code and we will add you to the list.

Section 21:

This is required to give tenants on An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement notice to leave the property.  You must give the tenants 2 months written notice and this notice can not run out prior to six months of the tenancy being served.  as long as there is a clause in your agreement that specifies that you can serve notice.  The Section 21 is available from us for the dreaded sum of £5.00.  We will happily email you a blank copy so that you can print it off time and again for your use.





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