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Newsletter No:3
31st July 2001

Welcome: this month, July, we have registered in excess of 100 Landlords.  All of you have given us a huge amount of support for which we are eternally grateful.  Do please recommend us to your friends so that we can get an even larger membership base.

Our income: some of you have asked how we are able to keep this web site going when just about everything is free.  The answer is through the Landlords Club.  Here we have lots of deals and when landlords buy some of the items we get a small commission.  We are careful to select only quality goods.  Our wine site is impressive and is attracting a lot of attention.  Have a look.  Wines

The Housing Act 1988 section 21

Finally we have put this page up for you all.  As most of you know you have to give your tenants at least 2 months notice.  But although a section 21 is served do you know when to serve it and how it should be presented.  What is the difference between section 21 (1)(b) and section 21 (4)(a) - you need to know or your notice could be null and void especially if you have to go through the accelerated possession procedure. Have a look Section 21

Tenancy Agreements:

We have tried to explain a little about tenancy agreements and what exactly they are.  As you can imagine not an easy task, but please have a look and let us know if it makes sense to you. Tenancy Agreements

Developers Club:

We have a special section for developers and would be developers.  This is a site designed to give you access to properties and sites that are ripe for development.  As we progress so we will have more for you to look at.  Please note that we have to charge a retainer fee and although we state 2% of the purchase price, this is negotiable depending on the price!

Holiday Homes:

Finally we have our first holiday home, in Portugal and not cheap.  Anyone got any others they want to advertise with us?  Have a look at the Casa Serai  10.00 per annum and we can guarantee that we will advertise it at least three times a year.  

This newsletter:

This newsletter will go to in excess of 500 landlords throughout the UK and Europe.  Our expected membership by the end of the year is 5000 and we will reach in excess of 15000 by the end of next year.

Investors Club:

This is still in the planning stages and we will let you know when we have the format ready to pass on to you.  Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest.  We will be in touch.  If you want to be put on the list to receive details email us with your registration code BSLtd@do-it.org.uk

Message Board:

Not something that is being used very often.  It is here for you to post messages seeking advice on property related matters.  To post a message go to Message Board

Tenancy Agreements Cost:

For just 5.00 we will prepare a tenancy agreement in line with the Housing Act 1988 & 1996 for you.  This agreement is usually in excess of 10 pages long and protects the landlord very heavily.  It is a must and has been drawn up by our solicitors.  All you have to do is provide us with the details by filling in the online form

And Finally: many thanks again to all our supporters we have been overwhelmed by the response, but please bear in mind that we give a personal service to all our landlords, so time may be a small issue.



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