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Newsletter 4 - August 2001

Tenancy Agreements and Payment:

It is unfortunate that some people wish to order a tenancy agreement and then decide not to make payment.  As I hope most of you can understand, this is quite a good source of income for us especially as we charge only 5.00.  There are ways to countermand this non payment and if we have to we will introduce them, but they will make the registration a little more complicated, which we really do not want.  We can of course levy a charge on your property for the paltry sum plus costs but again we are not that way inclined.  This site is for landlords and we want to keep it simple and effective, so please if you are not going to pay us, do not order the tenancy agreement.  I must also be honest that there are certain other ways that we can prevent you from printing out the document until we receive payment, but this only makes for a more complicated life!

Tenancy Check List:

Most of you will have received a small note regarding the new tenancy check list.  Please note that this is only a guide and you are free to adapt it in anyway you wish.  If any of you would like it emailed to you, please let us know and we will do so.  Otherwise you can highlight the part you want and print it of from the web.

Other articles:

We write articles that we believe you will find useful.  However, if you have a particular subject in mind, please do not hesitate to ask and we will try and fulfill your wish.

Investment Club:

This is well under way and thank you to all those who have expressed a wish to be sent details.  If you want details, just email us and we will oblige.


Please feel free to use our for sale section.

Message Board:

A little more use is being made of this so it looks like we will keep it for the moment.


Apologies to those of you who have been wanting to arrange finance, we are in the midst of sorting this out properly so as to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Cleaning The Property: 

It is wise to have the property professionally cleaned.  Once this has been done the tenants should have it cleaned at the end of the tenancy.  In our agreement there is a clause stating that the property must be left not only in the condition it was in when the tenancy commenced, but that it must be professionally cleaned upon the termination of the tenancy.  Therefore in an ideal world, you will only have to have the property cleaned once and should the tenants fail to have it professionally cleaned upon their departure then you can have it done at their expense by deducting the monies from the deposit.  this of course brings up the issue of what if the tenants say they have had it cleaned but the property is not in as good as condition as when you let it to them a year ago.  Bear in mind that the tenant can produce an invoice confirming that the property has been cleaned professionally.  Hence the importance of having a professional inventory carried out.  The inventory is carried out by a third party who although paid by you or the tenant is actually independent of both parties.  The inventory will prove to the courts if necessary about the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy and at the end.  More later.

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