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News Letter No : 7


I am sorry that I have not kept this up to date and after many prompts, here it is our latest news letter.


We are having to introduce a certificate scheme for landlords who want to be introduced to tenants.  This has come about because we are afraid of introducing tenants to landlords who know nothing about lettings and are not competent landlords.  Our belief is that we can introduce a certificate of knowledge, you the landlord can complete it online, we will mark it and upon you passing, you will be sent a certificate that you can hang in the property or wherever and show the tenant that you have the basic knowledge required to rent property.  It is important that we safe guard against rogue landlords and I admit that really we ought to safe guard against rogue tenants, but they are not likely to get prosecuted for killing or harming a person through negligence - you are!  It will also help you to promote yourself as a respectable landlord and if a tenant wants to confirm that you have the certificate they can always contact us.  What it does mean however, is that when we get a request from a tenant looking for property, we will only e-mail that request to landlords who have taken and passed the test.  We are going to charge �15.00 per test.  This will cover the cost of having proper certificates drawn up and sent to you.

I fully appreciate that it sounds a bit far fetched, but after much thought we decided that we could not forgive ourselves if we sent a tenant to a landlord who had no knowledge about lettings and could not be bothered to get everything ready and something horrendous happened.  At least the tenant can see that the landlord knows about lettings and should therefore act in a responsible manner.  Tenants are being advised of this scheme as I write and they are over the moon at the prospect that we are trying to safe guard their health and safety.  In the long run of course, as this ideas spreads we will find that it attracts more and more tenants to the site and therefore you will all benefit.


We are well on the way to 1000 members now and firmly believe that we can still attract 5000 by Christmas.  The advertising is working well and we ask that if any of you have a potential advertising site for us whether on the net, local paper or a poster somewhere, please let us know.  BSLtd@do-it.org.uk 


These have gone down a storm - many thanks to all who have purchased it helps keep this site going!

Mortgages and Protection:

Very popular, though I would have thought more of you would have enquired more about protection  - few seem to realise the consequences of what will happen should they get badly hurt or worse.  Either that or you all have protection in which case great, but I hope it is more than just paying off your mortgage!  

Message Board:

Still not as popular as I thought it might be.  But we're hanging on in there.  Make use of it if you want to, it would be great to see you interacting with each other on various topics - landlord related!


The insurance company we use do not pay us a penny and we would like to know if any of you have used them.  We have and they are very good, but how do you find them?

Thanks for your time




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