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Newsletter No 8:

Investments For Sale:

As many of you know, we have an investment club specifically designed for those landlords who are looking to increase their portfolio.  To date we have a group of investors on our books looking to invest in excess of 10,000,000.00.  If you are thinking of selling your investment now or in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us with the details so that we can pass them on to our investors.  No commissions are payable so it is free to sell your property through us.  All we need to know is the address, the number of bedrooms, the annual rent and the type of tenancy currently running as well as the annual rent.  Also tell us how much you are looking for.  Remember that most estate agents give free valuations! Give us your registration code and contact details and we will send them off to our investors and if they like what they read they can contact you direct to arrange a viewing or some of them will come back to us for more details etc.  If you would like to be added to the investors list please email us at BSLtd@do-it.org.uk and include your registration code and put investors club in the subject box of the e-mail.


I am pleased to say that we now have in excess of 1000 landlords.  Great news for us and you as well as it means we are in a strong position to get deals for you, especially regarding solicitors and insurance etc.  We are on target to have our 5000 by this time next year and that is before our advertising in the local papers kicks in.

About Us:

Knowing how annoying it can be to talk through e-mail without knowing a face, we have taken the dramatic step of placing a photograph of me on the net.  www.do-it.org.uk/aboutus.htm this also includes a little bit about me and the company.  I hasten to add that I am leading by example and fellow members of my employment will be displaying their pictures so that you have some idea as to who we are and what we look like - admittedly not that pretty!  No comments regarding the pictures please!


We are starting our own mortgage and loan division.  After so many of you have asked for quotes in the last month I did not like the thought of you doing business with people we did not really know and whom we could not be certain was providing the service we expect.  Those of you have had dealings with freemortgage.co.uk I would be eternally grateful if you would give me some feed back.  Our service will be online shortly as we are awaiting our consumer credit license an dmembership of the mortgage code.

The Landlords Exam:

This has been a huge hit and the certificates are on their way at last.  Due to a printing error we had to have them reprinted.  Apologies to those who are still awaiting them.  The 15.00 is a one off payment and means that we will forward tenants details to you.  It is a great way to rent your property without the hassles of advertising.  Imagine having a tenant lined up a month before your present one leaves the property!  I thought the 15.00 might put a lot of you off but I am very grateful for the response we have received.  If you haven't taken the exam I urge you to as it means we can continue running this site on our very tight budget.  Every penny counts!


As mentioned earlier we are embarking on an advertising campaign early next year.  To do this we need names of local newspapers and telephone numbers so that we can contact them and discuss advertising rates etc.  I would be immensely grateful if you could e-mail us at bsltd@do-it.org.uk with the name and telephone number of your local paper - if you get one that is.  many thanks for your help.

What do you want?

Please remember that we run this site for you.  If there is something you think we should do and cover please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thanks to all who have invited us to have a link on their web site - much needed.  If you want a link to and from our web site, please e-mail us with the site address and we will look at the possibility.  Preferably property related or something that is going to interest our landlords.

Estate Agents:

A lot of you are estate agents who visit our site to learn about specifics regarding lettings.  We are flattered by this.  However, we are getting rid of one of our sister sites, www.seekestateagent.com shortly and therefore invite you to submit details of your agency so that we can add additional pages to our landlords and tenants site.  Just e-mail us the details and we will be in contact.  bsltd@do-it.org.uk

Tenancy Agreements:

5.00 for a tenancy agreement!  all you have to do is visit the page and fill in the details and we will send you a tenancy agreement as well as giving you an opinion should we think  that you might be better off doing it another way.  However, some of you have suggested that you would like to pay a one off annual fee and have as many tenancy agreements as you like sent to you for the various properties that you have.  Admittedly this is aimed at landlords who have multiple properties and little time to set up an upto date tenancy agreement.  Tenancy agreements take a lot of time especially with all the alterations that some landlords require.  Therefore we have decided that a fee of 150.00 per year is a fair asking price and you can have as many agreements as you like.


We continue to have great feedback regarding our two books: 

    Buy to Let Secrets

There are more on the way.  

Our Landlords Club is proving very popular.  We recently became an affiliate of John Lewis and much to our surprise over 500 of you have used the site.  Many thanks - you get a great shopping experience - it is so easy and I notice they have great hampers on site and as I will be spending most of my Christmas helping out Landlords I think I will be getting one or two myself to keep the old blood circulating - actually to send to friends and family - it's so easy and means I can avoid the manic Christmas Eve that I always seem to have - or can I?


Well many thanks to you all.  We will be in touch again in a couple of weeks.  Keep visiting the site and we will keep updating and adding all sorts.


Mark Holloway



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