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NEWSLETTER 5 - 28/08/01
In this edition:

1. Welcome

2. Free grants

3. Mortgages

4. Secured Loans

5. Critical Illness

6. Do I need an Estate Agent?

7. Finding a good Estate Agent.

8. Properties to rent.

9. Contractors.

10. Numbers increasing.


12. List of Articles written so far.


1. Welcome:

As we approach September, I would like to welcome all our new members since our last newsletter ( a little while ago now).  We have throughout August been very busy with re-structuring the site as several Landlords have come up with ideas that we believe are beneficial to you all.  Again the aim is to keep the site simple to use and free.  There was talk of charging Landlords an annual subscription, but due to recent developments this has proved uneccessary.  Please read this newsletter and feel free to print it off if you wish.

2. Free Grants up to �2,000.

We have been approached by a company called N.E.S.T. Makers to point out to you that those Landlords who have tenants receiving any form of benefits may qualify for a grant of up to �2,000 to improve the heating and insulation in the property inhabited by these tenants.  Have a look at what they say at: Nestmakers .  Please let us know how you get on, so that we can keep recommending these people in future newsletters.  A small advert will be appearing soon, so we need to know how good they are.

3. Mortgages:

Finally we have signed up with The Mortgage Network.  This company has over 3,000 mortgage products available.  Buy to let, first time buyers, adverse credit, re-mortgage, you name it they can give you a quote.  No fee either!  If you are already on a mortgage scheme, try getting a quote from these people as they may well find you a better deal and remember it won't cost you a penny.  All you have to do is email us with your registration code and we will send you a simple form to fill out (only 1 page) and a stamped envelope.  It must be worth seeing if you can get a better deal.

4. Secured Loans:

The same company specialise in secured loans as well and they have access to hundreds of products.  What better way to find a 15% deposit payable over 25 years for a deposit on a buy-to-let property.  Most of the time as long as you can put down 15% and the rental income will cover the mortgage you can get the property!  E-mail us today with your registration number and we will send you a simple application form.

5. Critical Illness:

Again, e-mail us with your registration code and we will send you the appropriate form.  Might as well get a quote to see how much cover you can get for �10.00 per month.  Remember your family may have difficulties should you fall critically ill and although your mortgage protection may pay off your mortgage, it only accounts for about 1/3 of your outgoings annually.  e-mail us and get a free quote!  You would be protecting yourself and your family.

6.Do I need an Estate Agent:

A question that we are asked time and again.  It really depends on your train of thought, how busy you are and whether you have the back to help should you get stuck.  Personally I would like to think that we no longer need estate agents.  I feel that with the internet ever expanding that estate agents days could be numbered, however I also feel that this is going to take a very long time to happen.  If you have the time to search through the internet to find a web site that you can believe will sell or rent your property then you can try to do it yourself.  Also there is nothing stopping you placing your own advert in a local paper or nationally if the property warrants it.  The response you get may surprise you.  However, you then have to arrange the viewings on the property and ensure that you turn up to appointments as and when you have made them.  Oh and believe me there is nothing more frustrating than having a no show.  i.e. the appointment never turns up and does not bother to inform you that they are not coming so you waste half an hour waiting around, after you have spent the last hour tidying up especially.  Therefore, it is hard to say whether you need an estate agent or not.  It is entirely up to you.  Have you got the time to do it yourself - if so you will save a fair bit of money!  For landlords it is a lot easier.  renting out your property to see 10% of the annual rent go to the agent is not a pleasant site.  But lettings is a fast moving industry and if your property is suitable for the type of tenant you are aiming for, you should have little difficulty in finding a tenant (ensure you are priced fairly as well).  Sites like ours are here to help you along the way should you have problems.

7. Finding a good Estate Agent:

In a way I feel sorry  for some estate agents.  They work hard, they help you as much as they can and then the deal falls through and there was nothing they could do about it.  We take it out on them, but we fail to remember one thing, we are not their client if we are buying through them, we are only their client if we are selling through them.  The term client meaning that we only pay them for a service once they have completed it and the service they provide is a selling service, rarely a buying service.  Therefore, watch out you are only their client if you are selling through them.  I hasten to add however, that all estate agents have a duty of care to their clients and customers!  Finding a good estate agent can be a mine field, however, if you follow the next few pointers it may help you out (note the word may).  The first place I look is on the street!  Have a look at the boards in your area and take note of the telephone numbers and addresses if they are there.  Ring the agencies and listen to the way they re-act the minute they answer the phone.  It is this minute that is magical.  If they are immediately paying attention to you then they are on the ball and may well be worth considering.  If there is a lot of back ground noise this is rarely a good thing and will often point to the fact that the agents are bored and up to no good.  Listen to what they have to offer.  Are they competent?  The last thing you want is an incompetent person trying to sell your property for you.  Next have a look at the local paper.  Take note of the agents in your area, you want them to be as close as possible as they will attract the bulk of the potential purchasers looking to buy in your area.  Have a good look at the quality of the advert.  Have they spent time making it look good?  If so then they could be worth looking at as they take care in their presentation and this will help you sell your property.  How big is the advert?  I always say that anything under 1/2 page is not worth looking at.  Why? Because they have either not got enough stock to maintain a 1/2 page plus or they can not afford it.  Either way they are not going to be having dealings with my property.

You do not need a huge range of agencies dealing with your property.  Again the lettings market is bouyant especially at the moment and the sales market is still strong.  choose no more than 4 agencies.  This way you can keep in touch with them all, get to know them all, sack them appoint new ones and you will still receive numerous enquiries regarding your property as long as the agencies have priced it right.  it always amuses me in both lettings and sales that wide margins that can be achieved through the different agencies when they come to valuing the property.  If they are all different valuations, take an average and add a little bit.  However, a thing that made me turn down properties many a time was when I gave a valuation only for the landlord or the vendor to tuen around and tell me how much they wanted and that that was what it was worth.  A big no no!  I hate that, you employ someone for their professional opinion only for you to turn around and tell them how much you want and that figure is unrealistic.  I refused to be instructd on so many properties!

8. Properties to rent:

Our tenants site is attracting more and more hits.  please do send in details of your property and we always welcome photographs.  we will put the properties onto the site in a very short space of time (as long as you have sent your registration code) and remember there is no charge at all, for advertising.


Details are now ready and will be sent to all of you who have expressed an interest in investing a little capital to have a share in this company.

10 Advertise for �15.00

Just send us you cheque and registration code along with your advert and we will ensure that it goes to all our landlords.

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