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Other Services: 

This page is for other services that might be of interest to a Landlord.  Below you will see a list of other services, just click on the service and you will find a list of contractors providing that service.

ROB WICKS: Brook Cottage, The Seggimoor, Glentham, Market Rasen, Lincs LN8 2EP
TEL: 01673 878398 EMAIL:  tonipress@hotmail.com
DAVE WAIT & MARGARET STONE TIMBER TECHNICIANS: Salterford Farm, Whinbush Lane, Calverton, Notts NG14 6PE  TEL: 01159653399 EMAIL: timber@technicians99.freeserve.co.uk  Fit and/or install anything in timber to the customers requirements.

Please note that whilst every effort is made to provide you with contractors in your area, Bonner Search Ltd can accept no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the works carried out.  You are advised to seek appropriate references etc.

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