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(Name of recipient here)


Dear (Name of recipient).

Re: (Address of the property here).

Following our recent inspection of the above named property we are concerned that due care and attention is not being paid to the cleanliness and general tidiness of the property. We would like to draw your attention to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement in respect of these issues.

Naturally we do not want to dictate the manner in which are Tenants can live, but we do know from experience that where a property suffers from a lack of cleanliness and tidiness there is a much greater chance that the property will not be brought back to it's clean and tidy state as was the case at the beginning of the tenancy. We would point out that should cleaners have to be employed to bring the property back to the required standard, the cost will be taken from the deposit - as stated in the tenancy agreement.

We would like to carry out a further inspection of the Property on:



Should we hear anything to the contrary we will assume that the above appointment is booked.

Do please contact us should you have any further queries.

Yours Sincerely