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Company Letting Agreement

For the letting of a residential dwellinghouse.


1. This agreement can be used for the letting of either furnished or unfurnished accommodation.

2. Only use this agreement for tenancies of three years or less.

3. This is a legal document and is contractually binding. If you are in any doubt with regards to any of the contents seek advice from suitably qualified persons.

4. Section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 states that notice is sufficiently served if sent by registered or recorded delivery (unless the letter is returned undelivered) to the Tenant at the Property.

5. Section 11, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 requires the Landlord to keep in good repair the structure of the Property and to keep in proper working order the instruments and machinery that supplies gas, water, electricity, hot water and heating.

This Agreement is made on the date specified below BETWEEN the Landlord and the Tenant (the Tenant being known as the Company).

This Agreement is not an assured tenancy within the meaning of the Housing Act 1988.



Landlords Address:

Under section 48, Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, notices can be served on the Landlord at the above address.

The Tenant:

Registered Office Address:

Company Registration Number:

The Licencee:

Property: The dwelling house known as:

Inventory: The list of the Landlord's possessions at the Property which has been signed by the Landlord and the Tenant (or the Tenant's employee) of which a copy is affixed to this Agreement.

The Term: for the term of months.

Commencing on:

Rent: Monthly

Payment: in advance by equal payments Monthly.

The Deposit will be held by the Landlord as security in respect of any unpaid rent, damage to the property, any unpaid utility bills including water, any outstanding telephone bills and any other payment in respect of any breach of the Tenant of his obligations under this agreement.

1. The Landlord agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to take the Property and Contents as set out in the inventory, a copy of which is attached, for the Term at the rent payable as detailed above.

2. Deposit:

2.1 will be held by the Landlord and will be refunded to the Tenant at the end of the Term less any agreed deductions to cover any reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord or any losses caused to the Landlord due to breaches of the Tenant's obligations under this Agreement.

2.2 no interest will be payable by the Landlord to the Tenant on the deposit money.

2.3 shall be repaid to the Tenant at the address given to the Landlord.

2.4 the deposit will only be repaid once the Landlord and the Tenant have agreed on all deductions.

2.5 should agreement on all deductions not be made within one month of the end of the Term then the landlord reserves the right to employ a third party who shall be independent from the Landlord and the Tenant to fairly decide how much the deductions should fairly equate to. The Landlord and the Tenant shall share the costs of such an independent person between them.

2.6 if any of the Deposit has to be used during the Term to cover costs incurred by the Tenant, then the Tenant will be responsible to ensure that the Deposit is returned to the correct amount as stated in this Agreement. This shall be done no later than the next rent due date.

3. The Tenant agrees with the Landlord:

3.1. ensure that the Property is only inhabited by the agreed employee and his immediate family.

3.2. the employee shall occupy the Property as a licencee(s)

3.3. this Agreement does not create a tenancy with the agreed employee

3.4. to pay the Rent in the manner and on the agreed days as stated at the beginning of this Agreement

3.5. to pay promptly to the authorities to whom they are due, council tax (or any replacement tax), water and sewerage, gas, electricity and telephone (where applicable)

3.6. should any reconnection fee for any utility become payable due to the Tenant's negligence then the Tenant shall pay the due amount

3.7. not change any supplier of utilities without the Landlord's written permission

3.8. not to damage or injure the Property or Contents or make any alterations to it

3.9. not to do any redecorating without the Landlord's written permission

3.10. not leave the Property vacant for more than 30 consecutive days without notifying the Landlord properly secure the Property at all times when the Property is to be vacated and to use all anti theft installations, including the burglar alarm (where applicable) as supplied by the Landlord

3.12. not to keep any pet at the Property

3.13. to keep the property in a good, clean and complete repair (fair wear and tear excepted) at all times throughout the term of the Tenancy

3.14. not to receive any paying guests

3.15. not to replace the agreed employee without informing the Landlord and then only by agreement with the Landlord in writing

3.16. to immediately pay to the Landlord any costs incurred by the Landlord due to the Tenant's negligence.

3.17. to use the Property as a dwellinghouse only

3.18. that the Landlord or any person appointed by the Landlord may enter the Property provided at least 24 hours notice has been given for the purposes of viewing, inspecting, repairing or repainting.

3.19. not cause any blockage to the drains and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all the guttering and pipes, both internally and externally, are kept free from blockage and freezing

3.20. keep the chimney swept on at least an annual basis or at the end of the Term, whichever is sooner

3.21. keep the garden in a neat manner

3.22. not remove any garden ornaments or plants without the Landlord's permission

3.23. not smoke inside the Property

3.24. to ensure that all smoke alarms are tested on a monthly basis and replace at the expense of the Tenant any batteries that are dead or low

3.25. be responsible for insuring the Tenant's own goods

3.28. where there is a Head Lease the Tenant agrees to abide by any conditions set out in it and to have read the document prior to moving into the Property. A copy of the Head Lease is attached to this Agreement where applicable

3.29. not to do or allow to be done anything that may cause a nuisance to the neighbours

3.30. not to play music or a musical instrument in such a manner as can be heard outside of the property before 8.00 am and after 10.30 pm

3.31. to return the Property to the Landlord at the end of the Term in at least the same condition with the Contents in the correct place as agreed in the Inventory

3.32. to pay for the Inventory report to be carried out at the end of the Term

3.33. to pay for any cleaners that are required to put the Property back to its original condition as set out in the Inventory

3.34. to return all the keys to the Property to the Landlord no later than the last day of the Term

3.35. not to affix any signs to the Property or in its grounds

3.36 not to affix anything to the walls of the Property using any adhesive, nails or screws or anything else that may create damage to the walls of the Property either inside or out

3.37. to ensure that any ventilation units are kept clear of any obstructions

3.38 not allow the agreed employee to inhabit the Property after the last day of the Term

3.39. to ensure that any post, notices or any other form of delivery addressed to the Landlord is forwarded onto the Landlord at the address set out at the beginning of this Agreement within seven days of receipt

3.40. to pay to the Landlord any costs that the Landlord has incurred due to the non payment of any rent by the Tenant

4. The Landlord agrees with the Tenant:

4.1. to allow the agreed Licencee to peacefully enjoy the Property throughout the term

4.2. insure the property and its Contents in a manner that will enable full replacement

4.3. to be liable for any payment of service charges and or rent to the Freeholder where applicable

4.4. upon being notified of any damage that has been caused through fair wear and tear instigate the necessary measure for repair within twenty four hours and to notify the Tenant of the steps being taken to ensure that full repair will be undertaken

4.5. return any Rent to the Tenant that has been paid for any period that the Property may have been rendered uninhabitable by fire or any other risk that the Landlord is insured for.

5. Forfeiture:

5.1. in the event that the Rent remains unpaid for more than 21 days after it is due (whether it is demanded in writing or verbally or not) or the Tenant goes into liquidation or receivership then the Landlord can re-enter the Property and this Agreement shall thereupon determine absolutely but without prejudice to any of the Landlord's other rights and remedies in respect of any outstanding obligation on the part of the Tenant

5.2. if anyone is still living in the Property then under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 the Landlord can not recover possession of the property without a court order

Further Terms.

6. The Tenant will not be entitled to withhold payment of any rent or any other money due because the Landlord has the Deposit.

7. Any notices shall be deemed as properly served on the Tenant by either being left at or posted first class or by recorded delivery to the Property or to the Tenant's registered address.

8. Any rent that is paid by a representative of the Tenant shall be deemed as being paid by an agent of the Tenant and will be received by the Landlord without enquiry.

9. Any items that belong to the Tenant or the Licencee which are left behind after the last day of the Term of this Agreement shall be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the Landlord as he deems fit. The Tenant will be liable to pay for any costs incurred by the disposal of such items.

10. If the tenant fails to return all the keys at the end of the Term then the Landlord reserves the right to have the locks changed and the Tenant agrees to pay for any costs incurred.

11. The "Landlord" means the person who is entitled to receive the rent.

12. Where the term "he" has been used this should be read as "he" or "she" where applicable.

13. The "Property" includes all parts of the Property as stated at the beginning of this Agreement unless otherwise stated and also includes all fixtures and fittings.

14. "Term" means the period for which this Agreement is in force as stated at the commencement of this Agreement.

15. The "Tenant" includes the successors in title.

Signed as a deed

The Landlord: _____________________________________________________

In the presence of:

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

(printed) Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Occupation: ________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________________

The Tenant: _____________________________________________________

In the presence of:

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

(printed) Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Occupation: ________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________________