How to use this tenancy agreement.

Please read these notes carefully and if you are unsure about how to proceed please call us on 01252 87 88 56.

This agreement is set out to make it easy to input information and print out.

Please follow the following steps:

1. Using your mouse, click just to the right of the word "Dated:" thus you have entered the fields for inputting the information. Enter the date of the Agreement - this date should coincide with the commencement date of the Agreement - enter the date in full i.e. 25th December 2006.

2. Press your tab button - on the left hand side of your keyboard and you will go to Landlords - enter the names of all the landlords of the property.

3. Press your tab button - and you will be in the address of landlord - at the end of each line of address press return or enter for the next line.

4. Press your tab button - and you will enter Tenants - enter the names of all the tenants - if you need more space just press tab or enter for the next line - you should enter the names of all those over the age of 18 years.

5. If you have only used one line for the tenant's names press tab twice - once if you have used both names - and you will come to the property address field - enter the address of the property in full using one line per line of address and pressing return or enter at the end of each line. Be sure to enter the full postcode.

6. Press tab and you will enter the "term certain of" field - here you enter the number of weeks for the agreement i.e. 12.

7. Press tab and you will enter the "Commencing on the " field - enter the date i.e. 25th.

8. Press tab and you will enter the "of" field - enter the month i.e. December.

9. Press tab and you will enter the "Rent" field - enter the amount in pounds and words in brackets afterwards. i.e. 3000 (three thousand).

10. Press tab and you will enter the deposit field - fill this in with numbers followed by words in brackets afterwards - i.e. 5000 (five thousand).

11. Now you are ready to print off your agreement:

In your browser (at the top of the screen you will see the word file - click on this and click on "print preview".

Click on "page set up" often a little page symbol with a cog wheel going through it.

Ensure the the fields "header and footer" are empty of any text - delete any that is in there.

Click "ok".

Click on print

Select pages 2-9 and click on "print"

Your tenancy agreement is now ready.

General Tenancy Agreement

For letting a residential property.




1. This agreement is a legally binding contract – please read it carefully and take professional advice if there is anything you are unsure about.


2. As a tenant you are legally bound by this agreement to pay rent for the entire term of this contract unless otherwise stated.




1. This tenancy agreement is for the letting of furnished or unfurnished properties.


2. This tenancy agreement is not governed by The Housing Act 1988 as amended by the 1996 Act.


3. This agreement should be used for a maximum term of three years – any longer period should be drawn up as a deed.


4. Section 11, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 – the Landlord must keep the property’s structure, exterior, utility installations, heating and hot water in good repair and working order.


5. Section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 states that notice is served if sent by registered or recorded delivery (if it is not returned undelivered) to the Tenant at the Property or if left addressed to the Tenant at the Property or the last known address of the Tenant.


6. Tenants must be given adequate time (usually 7 days) to read through this Agreement before signing or for the Agreement to become binding.


THIS AGREEMENT is made between the Landlord and the Tenant on the date specified below.




("The Landlord")

Address of Landlord(s):

For the purposes of Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, notices can be served at this address.
Please note that this address must be in England or Wales.


("The Tenant")

The dwellinghouse situated at and being :-

Together with the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects at the Property as specified in the Inventory signed by the parties. Term:

A term certain of weeks.

Commencing on the day of 2006.

Rent: £

Payable weekly in advance during the term of this Agreement.


Deposit: A deposit of £ is payable on the signing of this Agreement.


Terms and Conditions:

1. The Landlord lets and the Tenant takes the Property and Contents for the Term at the Rent payable as above.


2. The Tenant pays the Deposit as security for the Tenant’s obligations under this Agreement.  At no time can the Deposit be used as Rent.  The Deposit will be held y the Landlord in an interest bearing account and shall be returned to the Tenant at the end of the Term along with the interest as long as no deductions have to be made, within 7 days of the end of the Term.  Where deductions are required, the Landlord agrees not to make any deductions without the written proof of costs i.e. a receipt.  The Landlord will not make any deductions from the Deposit without the agreement of the Tenant.  The Deposit is not returnable to the Tenant until such time  that all deductions have been agreed.  If after a period of 21 days no agreement has been reached then the Landlord and the Tenant agree to appoint an independent third party to arbitrate the claims.


3. The Tenant agrees with the Landlord:


Rent and charges:

3.1. To pay the Rent as specified to the Landlord.


3.2. To pay for all water, electricity, gas, telephone promptly so as not to become indebted to the companies providing the service.


3.3. Pay all the Council Tax (or any tax that replaces Council Tax) promptly so as not to be indebted to the Local Authority.


3.4.To pay for any connection charges incurred by the Tenant for changing suppliers of the utilities and telephone.


3.5. To pay for any satellite installation and any subsequent bills (should there be no such installation already in use).  Where there is no installation present, the Tenant must seek written permission from the Landlord (such permission can not be unreasonably withheld).


Use of the Property:

3.6. Not to sublet, leave, or let any other person enter into a Tenancy Agreement during the Term of the Tenancy without the written permission of the Landlord.


3.7. To use the Property as a single private dwelling and not receive any paying guests or carry on any business or profession from the property.


3.8. Not to cause nuisance to the neighbours of the Property or allow any guests to create a nuisance.


3.9. Not to use the Property for any illegal or immoral purposes.


3.10. To observe any “Headlease” on the Property.  A copy of the “Headlease” is attached if applicable.



3.11. Not to make any alterations to the Property without the Landlord’s written permission.


3.12. To keep the interior of the Property in a good clean condition at all times – at least as clean as when the Tenancy commenced.


3.13. To pay for the reasonable costs of repair for any item damaged by the Tenant, fair wear and tear excepted.

3.14. That as long as at least 24 hours written notice has been served to allow the Landlord or his Agent to visit the property for the purposes of viewing or inspection.


3.15. Not to remove any of the Landlord’s belongings from the Property.


3.16. To properly tend to the gardens (where applicable), lawns driveways, flower beds and not remove any plantation save for fallen leaves and weeds without the Landlord’s written permission.


3.17. To replace any broken glass where the damage has been caused by the Tenant or a guest or family member of the Tenant.


3.18. That without the Landlord’s written permission will not change any of locks whether they be window or door.  Where written permission is granted ( and it can not be withheld unreasonably) to ensure that the Landlord has a spare set of the new keys, at the Tenant’s expense.


3.19. To notify the Landlord promptly of any repairs that are required to the Property.


3.20. Not to put up any displays that can be seen from the exterior of the Property, including posters, boards and hoardings.


3.21. To ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to prevent damage by frost.


3.22. To ensure that no ventilators are blocked at anytime.


3.23. To permit the annual Landlord’s gas Safety Report to take place when necessary for the protection of the Tenants without any hindrance whatsoever and where the Tenant is not available to allow the Landlord to enter the premises with the Engineer to ensure that the Property is inspected and passes it’s Report.


3.24. To unblock any blockages to the drains, sinks, pipes and baths.


3.25. To test all smoke detectors on a monthly basis and replace any batteries at the expense of the Tenant where necessary.


Other responsibilities for the Tenant:

3.26. To forward all mail received at the Property to the Landlord within seven days of receipt.


3.27. To allow prospective Tenants to view the Property within the last two months of the term of the Tenancy at reasonable hours.


3.28. That should the Property appear to be vacated or rent is outstanding for the period to allow the Landlord re-entry without due notice and take possession of the Property.  The Landlord may then re-let the Property and dispose of  any of the Tenant’s goods at the expense of the Tenant.


3.29. To notify the Landlord of any period of holiday in which the Tenant will be away from the Property at least seven days before such a vacation commences.


3.30. To ensure that the Property is properly secured at all times.


3.31. To have insurance to cover their own goods and accidental damage.


End of the tenancy:

3.32. To return the Property to the Landlord in at least the same state of repair and cleanliness as at the commencement of the Tenancy and as outlines and agreed in the Inventory.

3.33. To pay for all reasonable costs for the cleaning of the Property, it’s fixtures and fittings and furnishings including carpets, curtains, linen and bedding.


3.34. To leave the contents of the Property in approximately the same place as at the commencement of the Tenancy.

3.35. To return all the keys to the Landlord on the date of the termination of this Agreement.  The Tenant will also be liable for payment where new keys have to be cut due to the Tenant’s inability to get the keys to the Landlord and new locks are required.


4. The Landlord agrees with the Tenant that:

4.1 The Landlord permits the Tenant the right to peacefully enjoy the Property at all times unless action is required through the Courts for non payment of rent or any other breach of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


4.2. Where the Property may have been inhabitable for a period of time through no fault of the Tenant, the Landlord agrees to reimburse the Tenant the rent for that period.


5.0. The Landlord will get a Court order for possession of the Property before re-entering the Property if the Tenant does not:


5.1. pay the rent in full within 14 days of the date that it was due; or


5.2. comply with the obligations set out in this Agreement.


6.0. The Landlord agrees to carry out necessary repairs as required by section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.


6.1. In this Agreement unless otherwise stated the following expressions mean:


6.1a. “The Landlord” is the rightful owner of the Property legally.


6.1b. “The Tenant” is the person(s) paying the rent.  Where there is more than one Tenant then they shall be jointly and severally liable for this Agreement and the payment of the rent in full.


7. It is agreed that:


Before the Landlord can terminate this Agreement he shall serve notice on the Tenant in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Acts.  Such notices shall be sufficiently served if served in accordance with section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925.


Signed by the Landlord(s): ____________________ _________________________________


In the presence of: __________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


Occupation: ______________________________  Signature: _______________________



Signed by the Tenant(s): ___________________ _________________________________


In the presence of: __________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


Occupation: ______________________________  Signature: _______________________