The following information will need to be inputted before you print off this form - please use your tab button to go from field to field. To begin with you need to double click at the end of This Guarantee is made on and there you type in the date.

Press "TAB" and you will go to the landlords names - enter all the names of the landlord.

Press "TAB" to enter the tenants and the guarantor names respectively.

Press "TAB" and you will be able to enter the rental property address.

Press "TAB" and you will be taken to clause 2.1.1. Here you will need to enter the proportion of rent that the tenant and the guarantor are liable for. I.e. divide the whole monthly rental amount by the number of tenants.

Press "TAB" again and you will be taken to 2.1.2 and here you need to enter the share of the tenants responsibility - i.e. if there are four tenants then he/she is responsible for a quarter of the damages etc.

When you have entered all the information goto "file" "print preview" "page set up" and empty any data that may be in the Header and Footer sections and then click ok and then click print - be sure to exclude the printing of the instructions page - this one -by selecting the pages to print as from 2 to 3.

Agreement of Guarantee

Start date of Agreement: This Guarantee is made on:


(1) The Landlord

(2) The Tenant

(3) The Guarantor


1.1 The Landlord has granted or agreed to grant the Tenant and others a joint tenancy of the property known as:

and a copy of the tenancy agreement is attached to this Guarantee.

1.2 The Guarantor has agreed to underwrite the Tenantís obligations as set out in this Guarantee.

2.1 In consideration of the Landlord granting the tenancy to the Tenant and of the Guarantorís natural affection for the Tenant the Guarantor hereby guarantees to the Landlord:

2.1.1 to pay the rent reserved in the tenancy agreement up to a maximum of within 21 days of receipt of a written demand from the Landlord addressed to the Guarantor accompanied by a certificate from the Landlord that either: a) the Tenant following demand has not paid the amount being demanded of the Guarantor when it was due under the tenancy agreement; or b) the tenancy agreement has been lawfully terminated; and i) rent in the amount being demanded would have been due if the tenancy agreement had still been subsisting; and ii) rent reserved by any new agreement relating to the property is not payable in full by any other person for the period in respect of which rent is being demanded of the Guarantor

2.1.2 to pay to the Landlord within 21 days of demand accompanied by written evidence of the amount claimed a sum equal to one (insert third/quarter/fifth/sixth etc. according to number of tenants) of all losses, damages, costs and expenses of the Landlord arising from any breach of the tenantsí covenants in the tenancy agreement.


The Guarantorís obligations shall end (without prejudice to any claim to which the Landlord is entitled under clause 2) upon the first to occur of:

3.1 the date falling 2 months after expiry of the tenancy agreement; or

3.2 the assignment of the tenancy or the assignment of the Tenantís interest in the tenancy; or

3.3 the rent reserved by a new tenancy of the property (granted following lawful termination of the tenancy agreement) has become payable in full; or

3.4 the surrender of the tenancy or the surrender of the Tenantís interests in the tenancy

3.5 the death of the tenant


The rights and remedies of the Landlord against the Guarantor under this Guarantee do not affect the rights and remedies which the Landlord might have against the Tenant PROVIDED THAT if the Landlord recovers any sums from the Guarantor under this Guarantee and subsequently recovers from the Tenant any sum in respect of the same liability then the sum recovered from the Tenant shall (up to the amount paid by the Guarantor) be paid to the Guarantor within 7 days.


In consideration of the Guarantor giving this Guarantee the Tenant undertakes to the Guarantor to re-pay to the Guarantor within a reasonable time of demand any sums which the Guarantor pays to the Landlord and which are not reimbursed.

Signed by the landlord.............................................................. Dated: _______ / _______ / _______

Signed by the tenant.............................................. ÖÖÖÖ... Dated: _______ / _______ / _______

Signed by the guarantor........................................................... Dated: _______ / _______ / _______