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This Agreement is for use where a Lodger shares accommodation with the Owner.

Once this document has been signed it will be a contractual binding on both parties.

Read this document thoroughly and carefully.

Licence Agreement


Address of Property:

The Room:

Owner(s) or Licensor(s):

("The Owner")

The Lodger(s) or Licensee(s):

("The Lodger")

The Period:

Commencing on: .

Either party can terminate this agreement at anytime during the period by giving the other party week's written notice. If this Licence is not terminated then it shall continue on a weekly basis or until such time that one week's notice is served in writing.


Payable weekly in advance.

See also clause 5 below.

Terms &Conditions

1. This Licence is not assignable.

2. This Licence shall automatically terminate should the rent be outstanding for two or more payments.

3. This Licence shall cease if the Lodger stops living at the property.

4. The Lodger will:

4.1. pay the Payment in the manner stated and on time.

4.2. keep the Room in a good, clean condition at all times.

4.3. be responsible for any damage, except for fair wear and tear, caused by any guest of the Lodger to any of the Owner's property.

4.4. ensure that all items on the signed inventory are in their original place as when this Licence commenced.

4.5. not make any alterations to the Room without the Owner's written permission.

4.6. not do or allow to be done anything in the Property that may be a nuisance to the Owner or other Licensees.

4.7. not let or share any rooms at the Property or take in any paying guest without the Owner's written permission.

4.8. provide the Owner with a forwarding address at the end of this Licence period.

4.9. ensure that all rubbish is cleared from the Room.

4.10. make a reasonable contribution to any agreed Utility bills i.e. gas, electric etc.

4.11. make any provision necessary to have a television licence.

4.12. not use the Owner's telephone without the Owner's permission and reimburse the Owner for any costs incurred due to use.

4.13. not bring any pet into the Property or allow any pet into the Property without the Owner's permission.

5. The Deposit:

5.1. will be held by the Owner and refunded to the Lodger at the end of the Period, less any reasonable deductions made to cover the cost of cleaning and damage to the Owner's property as agreed between both parties.

5.2. no interest is payable on the deposit monies.

5.3. if the Owner has to use any part of the deposit as a means of Payment for outstanding monies then the Licensee shall pay to the Owner the balance of the deposit with the next Payment due.

6. If the Property is to become uninhabitable through no fault of the Licensee then this Licence shall terminate and no further Payments shall be due save for any already owing.

7. Either party may at anytime terminate this Licence by giving one week's written notice.

8. The Lodger will not be granted exclusive possession of the Room.

9. Where the context so admits:

9.1. the "Owner" includes any successor to the title of the Property.

9.2. the "Property" includes all the Owner's fixtures and fittings and all the items listed in the Inventory.

9.3. the "Period" means the time that this Licence exists for.

9.4. all references to the singular shall include the plural.

Signed as a deed

Owner's Name(s):
Lodger's name(s):
In the presence of: In the presence of:
Witness Signature:
Witness Signature):
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Address: Address: