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Over the last few weeks I have had numerous requests for more information on renting a room.  After thinking that this would be quite an easy subject to cover I have actually managed to find very little information on the matter.  I was asked what would happen if the tenant refused to leave?  So, below is some information that I have managed to put together.

The Government does actually have a Rent-a-Room scheme.  This is an ideal way to earn extra income from your spare room and what's more is that the income as long as it does not exceed 4,250 per annum is tax free.  I suggest contacting your local Inland Revenue Office and they should be able to provide you with more literature.  The room must be in your permanent place of abode.

The lodger has no rights over the property at all.  The law looks upon them as paying guests.

You should still reference the "Lodger" prior to letting a room to them.  You must be sure that they can afford to pay the rent, but perhaps more importantly in this instance you need to make sure they are of the right calibre.  The last thing you want is to see all your belongings going away on the back of a lorry.

It is advisable to set out the terms of the letting.  This can be done in the form of a letter and you must set out the deposit amount and under what terms you are entitled to make deductions, whether the rent includes bills and what the notice period will be.  I believe that two weeks is usually enough.

Furthermore, check that your mortgage company allows you to take in lodgers and consult your insurance policy.

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