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  Tenancy Agreements: please scroll down and send us the details required should you want a Tenancy  Agreement for just 5.00.  

Because of the various Housing Acts that have come into force over the years, it is essential that you ensure that you have the correct tenancy agreement in place.

It is all very well using the same one as you have used before, but is this still valid?  There are several criteria that have to be filled to ensure that your tenancy is An Assured Shorthold Tenancy, Assured Tenancy, Company Let, Holiday Let etc.

Due to the tightening of the law it is vital that various sections are included in a tenancy agreement.  For example section 47 and 48 of the Housing Act 1996.

There is a charge of 5.00 for the Tenancy Agreement.  We will email the copy to you once we have received all the information required for us to prepare a professional agreement.  Please note that the agreement is approximately 10 pages long so as to ensure the Landlord and Tenant are protected in accordance with the law.  We can not provide agreements for Landlords in Scotland due to variations in the law!




Landlord Name/s:

Landlord's email address: (required):

Tenant Name/s:

Landlord's Address: (please include postcode):

Tenant/s Address: (please include postcode):

Property Address: (please include postcode):

Tenancy Start Date:

Tenancy End Date:

Rent per month or per week:

Is the rent to be paid weekly or monthly?

Amount of Deposit

Who is to hold the deposit?

Is there to be a break clause?  When can this come into force? i.e. 6 months

Is there to be a renewal clause for the tenant?

Any other information or clauses you would like to be included?  Please give as much information as possible.

Please note that although we provide you with a tenancy agreement you must check it through before you and your tenant sign the agreement.  We can not accept any liability for mistakes in the tenancy agreement once you have signed it.  If you are unsure about any clauses, you must contact us or your solicitor prior to any signature being added to the agreement.

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